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Claiming to be innovative and being innovative are two very different things. What you’ll find at Rocklake is a software team with a proven track record of innovation that continues to be on the cutting edge of the industry. Newcomers to our market claim to be creating and changing the way business is done, but they don’t realize that they’re 20 years behind the curve.  We created one of the industry’s first computerized rating and underwriting systems in 1995.

In the early 90s, the internet was in its infancy, as was our transportation insurance business. We saw where the trucking insurance industry was going. Because of that, our company acquired the many URLs that are synonymous with successful transportation business today:,,,,, and to name a few. This was made possible by the visionary efforts of our team, and by simply being first.

In the early 2000s, we released our first online rating systems for agents., and were released. In 2008 we released the first online truck insurance management system, AdminTransport. This revolutionary system fully integrated our rating sites with billing, policy issuance, and compliance features.

In 2015, MotorCarrierSnapShot ( was launched. includes the data we’ve been gathering since the year 2000 from various sources, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once again, Rocklake blazed a trail in the industry, forever changing the landscape of how things are done. Not only did we create a proprietary data analytical tool that combined millions of data sets spanning back to the year 2000, but we were able to fully integrate it into our online rating systems.

In 2020, we released enhancements to our software ecosystem. InstaBind and the Automated Endorsement Process (AEP) provided agents with the ability to transact business and receive full documentation instantly.

On the horizon, is the culmination of Three decades of experience in providing cutting edge software and insurance programs in the Commercial Truck industry. FleetFusion will combine all our current rating sites into one seamless platform, allowing agents to get quotes for all our lines with a single submission. This ecosystem will provide vital information in real-time for our truckers, retail agents, and carrier partners. FleetFusion is the result of our tireless pursuit to serve the industry. We are proud of the 30+ years we have been committed to the insurance transportation industry and the impact which we have had on advancing the technology in rating, underwriting and policy management.

At Rocklake, we don’t make the difference…

we are the difference.