The Power of Insurtech
In Your Hands

RockLake helps agents harness the power of data analytics to analyze their client’s risk profile to get the best quote to fit their needs, all while saving them time  with our proprietary agency management system.

A Smarter Commercial
Insurtech Solution

Turn hours into minutes with instabind.
Experience the most powerful quoting and
data analysis tools in the industry.

Quote multiple types of coverage with
different insurance carriers on our
rating sites.


Data Analytics




A single location for brokers to review multiple rates within seconds, avoid duplicate entry through cross rating capabilities, and instantly compare coverages to find a policy that best meets their insured’s needs.

  • Review multiple rates within seconds
  • Avoid duplicate entry with cross rating
  • Instantly compare coverages
  • Auto Fill application with one DOT#
  • Exhaustive program opportunities
  • Cross Rating provides multiple quotes
    across several lines

Fleet Fusion is the culmination of more than two decades of experience in providing cutting edge rating platforms. Fleet Fusion will combine all of the current rating sites in our ecosystem into one seamless, convenient platform, allowing agents to get quotes for all of our lines with a single submission. Highly dynamic and user friendly, Fleet Fusion is the latest and most robust in rating site technology in the Commercial Transportation industry.

Insurtech & Data Science

We make your job easier by using real time data to gather information about your insured.

Efficiency & Innovation

We offer some of the most powerful quoting and data analytics in the industry, providing greater insights, quicker quoting, and better results.


Instantly pre-qualify risks to determine insurability and eligibility, with real time data validation.

collision reports
motor carrier records
inspection records
insurance records


Gain access to
premier markets across
multiple lines of business.


Enjoy our dedicated agency
support staff to help you
increase your bind percentage.


Get up to 10 quotes with minimal
information, thanks to our
database that will auto-fill your
submission for you.


Have the ability to complete
endorsements and binds instantly
and receive full policies
automatically at binding.

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Strategic Partnership With
BritAmerica Software Company:

Rocklake Insurance Group works exclusively with BritAmerica Inc.’s programmers, constantly pushing the limits, looking
for ways to identify and develop specific solutions that continue to challenge the industry. From a faster, more accurate
underwriting and rating process, to coverage for operations with more challenging risk factors, our proprietary technology
takes smart insurance solutions to the next level.

Connecting the right client to
the right rate.

Agents can tap into multiple rate
indications that are automatically
matched to an insurance company’s
specific underwriting guidelines,
improving accuracy and saving time.

Coverholder at Lloyd's
TSLA Texas Surplus Lines Association, Inc.