We’re insurance technology innovators with a razor-sharp focus on the transportation industry.

With an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry, we’ve created one of the most advanced rating, underwriting, and management systems ever developed for the commercial transportation insurance market.

Here’s what we’ve done

We‘ve built and customized an underwriting platform containing a single, fully-integrated control panel that’s designed to simplify and streamline virtually all agency processes, while maintaining the highest administrative safeguards.

Here’s what we offer

Our centralized, state-of-the-art, web-based administrative dashboard provides an increase in productivity, greater efficiency, and reduced costs with the ability to:

  • Direct the daily workflows and time management of staff, pending items, renewals, expiring policies, and policies under review
  • Run multiple quotes simultaneously
  • Immediately process endorsements, certificates, and policies
  • Instantly review of production summaries and the ability to create customized reports
  • Centralize data entry and management
  • Resolve nearly every billing scenario – including collecting/tracking premiums
  • Capture, track, and report claims
  • Verify required underwriting documents
  • Capture incoming/outgoing documents
  • And much, much more…

We offer the most advanced small fleet rating and underwriting solution on the market

Our next generation of intelligent, accurate, and fast rate indication processing can increase an agency’s overall efficiency and productivity with:

  • Multiple insurance company rate quotes
  • A side-by-side coverage comparison chart
  • Automated cross-rating capabilities
  • Truck and trailer VIN searches
  • Access to complete underwriting guidelines
  • An online rate indicator for 24-hour market access
  • Cross-rating integration to automatically transfer data from one rate indication to another
  • The ability to instantly print or email rate summaries, proposals, and applications

Real-Time Data Validation with Motor Carrier Snapshot

Our Motor Carrier Snapshot (MCSS) provides the most accurate, detailed, and relevant information for validating data for our agents and underwriters. The key benefits of this advanced “plug-in” tool include:

  • Prequalification of small fleet carriers
  • The prevention of unacceptable data modifications
  • An automatic pre-screen for reincarnated carriers
  • Customization of insurance pre-screening guidelines
  • Time-saving due diligence at One Site,
  • Carrier monitoring and change-in-risk notifications
  • 12, 24, and 36-month trend forecasting for renewals
  • OFAC Sanctions List Search


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