Rating Sites: The Evolution of Insurance Technology

Never has there been such a technologically advanced online rating system to deliver a more innovative and easy-to-use rating solution for both agents and insurance companies.

More than just another quoting site, our comprehensive online rating system provides 24/7 access to multifunctional programs by way of our rating sites AutoLiability.com, PhysDam.com, CargoLiability.com, NonTrucking.com, OccAcc.com, and GeneralLiability.com.

Operating from a single standardized dashboard, brokers have access to a comparative, real-time rating solution that provides:

  • Automated underwriting. Each insurance company’s underwriting rules are pre-programed so you know immediately when a risk doesn’t fit the specific appetite of certain carriers.
  • Instant rate indications for agents. Expedites the delivery of side-by-side rate comparisons from a wide range of carriers.
  • Cross Rating capabilities. Quote multiple lines of business without re-entering data, receiving rate indications from our participating insurance companies in minutes.
  • The ability to instantly flag ineligible risks. Risks that don’t fit into many standard transportation programs can be redirected to our Open Market for coverage.
  • Customizable underwriting. Provides insurers with the flexibility to quickly modify rating factors, impose weather moratoriums, and pre-screen accounts.
  • Important underwriting and rating messages. Receive underwriting guidelines, rules, and messaging for each rate indication submitted.
  • Critical data validation. Our Motor Carrier Snapshot (MCSS) integrates vital data that includes: DOT crash and inspection data, updated FMCSA data, SMS violations and performance reviews, and national VIN verification.

Key benefits:

  • A streamlined and highly efficient rating process that saves you time
  • Improved overall productivity and retention
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Better direction of marketing dollars – solicit to specific risks you want to write


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