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RockLake Insurance Group is looking for qualified agents who specialize in the trucking industry.

Here is how your agency can get appointed with RLIG:


    RLIG exclusively serves the Trucking Market. We look to partner with independent agencies across the US who specialize in Trucking and are dedicated to servicing this critical industry.


    Critical to our mutual success are top and bottom-line growth across multiple product lines. RLIG provides a broad array of product lines across numerous A rated carriers so that our partners can meet the challenges of the dynamic trucking marketplace.


    Are you tired and frustrated that your current carriers lack the same sense of urgency that your agency has for your trucking clients? Do these situations sound familiar?

    1. Have you ever waited for days or even weeks to get a simple endorsement, such as adding or removing a driver or truck?
      • RLIG has introduced the Automated Endorsement Process (AEP) so that these types of endorsements can be completed in 2-3 minutes.
    2. Have you ever called or emailed your underwriter and waited days to get a binder and then waited even longer to get your correct policy forms?
      • RLIG has introduced Instabind which dramatically reduces the time it takes to bind select rate indications within our agency portal. With only a handful of clicks, you can go submit to bind to policy documents in hand in under 30 minutes.
    3. Have you ever asked your current carriers for assistance in helping your truck clients become more efficient and profitable?
      • RLIG’s proprietary software, Motor Carrier Snapshot (MCSS) can assist your agency in being more proactive from a loss prevention standpoint, help identify duplicate or chameleon carriers, and get instant notifications on motor carrier issues.

    Our Regional Sales Directors are here to help you navigate the agency appointment process. You can contact:

Wes Becknell

Wes Becknell

VP of Marketing & RSD Central Time Zone

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer

RSD Pacific & Mountain Time Zones

Nick DiTomassi

RSD Eastern Time Zone


  • Cutting edge technology that saves your agency time and resources

  • Harness data analytics to provide greater insights into your trucking clients

  • Single location to get multiple rates

  • Dedicated agency support staff

  • Numerous A rated national carriers

  • Admitted & Non-Admitted solutions

  • Underwriting expertise

  • Convenience- 24/7/365 get quotes anytime